Check out a sampling of our branding work and then scroll down to learn more about our branding process.


When working with us on branding your business we offer two main options: CKV Branding Packages or our Couture Design Service. We have several Branding Packages at different price points so you can choose the exact elements you need! Or, we can work with you to create your professional identity from the ground up as part of our Couture Design Service. Pricing is based on an hourly rate and we will help you create everything from soup to nuts! Please email or call us for more details and read below to see how our branding process works.



Tell us about your business! Who are you, what do you do, what do you make, what do you sell? What do you need? What do you like, what type of design appeals to you? Modern, traditional, grunge, sweet, girly? We will email you a design questionnaire for you to fill out and answer the “essentials” about your business and its personality, as well as any ideas you have in mind for your brand. Don’t be afraid to be specific, and if you have any samples of things you like, show us!

Your consultation can take place via email, phone or by appointment. At this stage we will ask that you sign a contract to reserve our services. At this stage we will also discuss a payment schedule. and lastly we will collect a deposit.


We like to start with the logo and build from there, so we will email you options for your logo based on our consultation and your questionnaire. Give us your feedback and we will make adjustments at your request.

Once your logo is finalized we will move on to other items you need including business cards, packaging, websites, signage, etc. We will again receive feedback from you and make changes at your request.


When all designs have been finalized, final payment will be collected. As part of a CKV Branding Package will email you all of the appropriate files for your use, including links to any fonts used in your design should you wish to purchase them for other items you may need. We will also make print lab recommendations upon request. If you have reserved Couture Design Service we will print and ship your items to your door! That's it!

For more details and information regarding our Branding Process please feel free to contact us!


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