I’m Catherine, an illustrator, designer and party addict. You’re most likely to find me working in my studio drinking disgusting amounts of black coffee and trying to not mistakenly put my paint brush in it or hanging with my beautiful kids and handsome husband making pizza on our patio. I collaborate with my clients to create one of a kind illustrations commemorating their special milestones and events.

I'm passionate about fashion, modern art and children's books. But I’m truly obsessed with good coffee, great cocktails and even better food and of course my crazy funny little family. 

As an illustrator my illustrations have been published in several urban magazines and as a designer my work has been featured on television and in national publications as well as several high profile websites.

When I’m not busy working on my latest illustrations you can find me having the longest conversation with my husband about what we want for dinner, cheering my son on from the sidelines, baking just about anything with my daughter, scrolling Instagram, or when the stars align just right you can catch me at dinner with my girls laughing till our faces hurt. But I'm most comfortable in my home and when I need to recharge you can find me there in my sweats, binging one of thousands of shows I'm addicted to (with a glass of Pinot Grigio or dirty martini in hand.)


1. I learned to snowboard at 40, taught by my very patient husband.

2. I hate scallops, Ceaser salad and chili and I feel judged by anyone who knows that.

3. I love heavy metal and 90'S grunge but my favorite colors are glitter and blush.

4. I swear like a sailor but never at work. You know they say the smartest people swear the most. (I'm justifying)

5. My personal Gmail account has 17,281 unread emails in the inbox …I never open marketing emails from online stores and I don’t delete them either. Don’t judge me. I feel you judging me.

I could literally go on all day but now that you know the email thing I’m feeling self conscious and think we should cut to the chase….Let’s talk about your project! Click below to get in touch and let’s see how we can create something uniquely for you.