I literally can’t express my excitement as I launch my 2019 Desktop Calendar. I have labored over these girls and these pages for months and I worked so hard to make sure it was just right. The girls have been inspired by some of my favorite fashion from each season, some by real people in my life or on the screen. They have been on my desk and hanging over it for months and I have obsessed over them so much they feel like real people to me at this point. They each have a personality and story in my head, maybe I’ll share some of those in the coming weeks but for right now I just want to introduce you to the calendar itself.

Each month is printed on bright white cotton paper with a numerical calendar and you can choose to display your calendar using your own frame, board or tack to the wall. But if you’d like a stand for displaying I’m offering a perfectly modern wooden block stained in a rich warm brown or a simple gold easel. Every month features a solo illustration of the calendar girl on the back so you can still use each month long after it’s passed. Calendars come packaged in a perfectly appointed black shiny gift box, wrapped in a bow ready for gift giving this holiday season!

Shop the calendar here and see all the details!