When I was in third grade a drew a drawing of a women for a project in Sister Maria's class, she hung it in the hallway and for the first time in my life compliments rained in from all directions, teachers and kids a like. From that moment on people saw me as an artist and I saw myself that way too. Whenever anyone asked me what I wanted to be after that I always said "an artist." I applied to my dream art school in Brooklyn, Pratt Institute, and was nothing short of elated to be an adult, live in New York and start learning how to be a painter and get paid...that wasn't reality though, I wasn't going to just be able to paint in a rad loft studio and make money. I graduated and just looked for any job in a creative office...I worked for a famous Interior Designer who was downright awful and cried everyday at lunch. I became a preschool teacher for awhile and shortly after that the opportunity to be a high school art teacher fell in my lap and I took it. I had my kids and stayed home with them for awhile then started designing wedding invitations. For a long time I worked creating custom wedding invitation suites for design minded couples and loved it.

But last year I accepted the fact that I was totally burned out. The thing that brought me the most excitement had lost it's spark so I decided to let it go. But before I got there I had gotten so many requests for invitation suites with custom illustrations and then just custom illustrations. After a hiatus I relaunched my brand, just offering my art as prints and selling custom illustrations. The support from friends and long time clients was a blessing and I can't speak enough about how happy I am about this new part of my journey. I know it will continue to grow and evolve as I do and my family does and I'm grateful for that.