Wedding Invitation Wording Submission

Please use this form to guide you through the wedding invitation wording process. If you would like to veer from the traditional form of wording and want to submit your own wedding invitation wording please click here for a different form


Name *
The names of the hosts of the wedding as you wish to see them appear on the invitation.
Bride's first and middle name if your last name is the same as hosts, if it differs Bride's first, middle and last name should appear here
To or and
Groom's first, middle and last name should appear here. Use Mr. if you would like to keep your invitations as formal and traditional as possible
The year is always optional.
Not always included or necessary
"Reception to follow immediately." OR "Reception at six o'clock"
If you're wedding ceremony and reception are taking place at the same location no need to fill out this and the following lines. If they are NOT at the same location indicate here the name of the reception venue.